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Lead Aircraft Mechanic

Wheels & Brakes Workshop – 230001TV

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Purpose
Responsible for carrying out maintenance tasks on Emirates and third party aircraft components in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations.

The Lead Aircraft Mechanic will work as part of a team under the direction and guidance of the assigned Licensed Engineer within the trade disciplines for which they have been trained.

Job Outline:

– Carry out routine servicing tasks as required in accordance with component maintenance manual
procedures, observing all safety procedures and manufacturers/company regulations.
– Complete any component replacement and other maintenance activities as directed by immediate supervisor. This will include the ability to obtain and understand Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Illustrated Parts catalogue (IPC) or other approved documentation required to carry out this task.
– Effectively use any specialised tooling or test equipment that may be required as part of the checking, testing, replacement or servicing of a system or component. Understand the need for such equipment as referenced in the component manufacturer’s manuals is essential.
– Communicate at various levels and liaise with other areas over technical issues for all relevant parties to be aware of the aircrafts serviceability status.
– Understand of the company documentation where it is required that mechanics sign for tasks action on routine documentation to ensure the maintenance of tools, equipment and systems (including ultramain) in the relevant workplace.
– Maintain and ensure the safety of self and others by taking safety precautions at all times, continuously monitoring the working area and taking corrective action to keep it clean and obstruction free to avoid any accidents.
Qualifications & Experience
Engineering Maintenance Control 3+ Years
Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent)


– Vocational/ National / Higher National Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) or Apprenticeship in Mechanical, Electronic, Avionics or Aeronautical Engineering or equivalent training with a reputable airline or an approved maintenance organisation.
– Experience carrying out maintenance on aircraft in an engineering environment.
– In depth knowledge of maintenance safety, human factors and general engineering practices is an essential requirement.
– A complete knowledge of the airport authority’s regulations regarding Airside Driving and aircraft movements may be a requirement depending on the work discipline. This will include the safe movement around aircraft on the ramp/in base including an understanding of all signs and road markings of working in such an environment if required in this area of operation.
– Must be able to hold a valid Airport Driving Permit as required.

Safety Sensitive role as you will be Working at height, Exposure to hazardous energy systems, Heavy lifting, Working in areas with motorised mobile equipment. Work in confined spaces, Contact with contaminations materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals), Contact with dangerous good, Work in an extremely noisy environment, Work in heat, Working with pressurised substances, Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects, Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects, Driving a vibrating equipment.

Salary & Benefits

Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website www.emirates.com/careers. 
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