Dent and Buckle Chart Explained

Dent and Buckle Chart Explained

In aviation, the “Dent and Buckle Chart” is a reference tool used by maintenance personnel to assess the severity of dents and buckles on the aircraft’s skin or structural components. These charts are specific to each aircraft model and updated by the Engineering Team

Dents and buckles can occur due to various reasons, such as ground handling incidents, hail damage, or other external forces. While minor dents and buckles may not pose a significant safety risk, severe ones could compromise the structural integrity of the aircraft and lead to potential failures.

The Dent and Buckle Chart typically categorizes the size, location, and shape of dents and buckles into different zones with corresponding severity levels. These zones are often color-coded for easy identification. The severity levels range from minor cosmetic issues to major structural concerns that require immediate attention and possible repair or replacement.

When aircraft maintenance personnel discover dents or buckles during routine inspections, they reference the Dent and Buckle Chart to determine the appropriate action. Depending on the severity and location of the damage, they may decide on measures like:

  1. Acceptable: Minor cosmetic damage that does not impact the structural integrity or aerodynamics of the aircraft.
  2. Repairable: Dents or buckles that can be repaired without replacing the damaged component.
  3. Replaceable: Damage that requires the replacement of the affected part.
  4. Grounding: Severe damage that renders the aircraft unairworthy, requiring immediate repair before further flight.

The Dent and Buckle Chart plays a crucial role in maintaining the airworthiness of an aircraft and ensuring its safety. It helps maintenance personnel make informed decisions regarding the condition of the aircraft’s structure and ensures that appropriate actions are taken to keep the aircraft in safe operating condition.

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