FLY91 Airlines is Hiring Aircraft Engineer & Aircraft Technician – Apply Now


Aircraft Engineer & Aircraft Technician

The airline is recruiting for various departments. Subsequently including Pilots, Cabin Crew, Engineering, Airport Operations and standard corporate jobs.

However, they have not posted the individual requirements for each department and position. Further the airline has kept it as open application, allowing every candidates to apply.

Qualifications –

ATR 72-600 license AMEs Holding current authorisations in categories B1 & B2.

Caregiries Alicense holders with authorisations to cover minor maintenance on ATR72-600.




FLY91 is a regional carrier that strives to enhance air connectivity from tier 2 and tier 3 towns across India. Founded by industry veterans and backed by professional funding, FLY91 aspires to make air travel accessible to every Indian. Despite the considerable growth in air traffic over the past decade, the founders remain steadfast in their vision to enable the next 100 million Indians take flight, with focus on regional towns in India. This vision is reflected in their selection of ATR 72-600 fleet, which is a smart choice for efficient and sustainable operations from most regional airports in the country.

With a strong emphasis on customer service, FLY91 is committed to deliver reliable, comfortable and affordable flights. Through our digital-first approach, we ensure efficient booking and travel experience for passengers by making all touch-points digitally accessible. Just as the code “+91” unifies India through seamless communication, FLY91 will strive to empower every Indian to connect with a larger community and chase their dreams.

So spread your wings with FLY91, and lets us connect you with a Bharat of boundless opportunity.


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