Air Vistara Careers – Sr. Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Guwahati

Air Vistara Careers – Sr. Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Guwahati

Air Vistara Careers – Sr. Aircraft Maintenance Technician – Chennai

Job Overview

The individual will be responsible for the performance of scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance. She/ heshall ensure assigned aircraft are supported and maintained in an airworthy condition

Key Responsibilities

  • To assist the AME in carrying out all scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance work
  • Must have the required technical knowledge and carry out transit, Pre -flight, daily, service, extendedtransit and weekly check including all OOPS / Block check his capacity on company aircraft
  • Must have skill of Structural repair and support certifying staff for Aircraft structural repair.
  • Should be familiar with sheet metal as well as composite repair
  • Should be familiar with handling of structure repair tool
  • Should be aware of the marshalling & headset procedures at his station along with its apron layout andcarry out marshalling as per company procedure
  • Should always maintain his personal toolbox in as received condition
  • Ensure that toolbox is complete with all tools after completion of any task on aircraft
  • Reporting of GSE & Company Vehicle unserviceability immediately to their shift supervisors
  • Shall be fully aware of the defueling / refueling procedures and the precautions to be taken while carryingout such activities
  • Shall adhere to standard industry practices while carrying out work on the aircraft. To judiciously followall the safety instructions/caution/warning as stated in the AMM and as reiterated by the AME
  • Shall return to the stores all the tools/ equipment drawn for performing the work on the aircraft aftercompletion of work
  • Shall perform audit of personnel tool box on completion of any maintenance tasks and shall report anymissing and broken tools to Shift coordinator /Station in charge / charge hands immediately
  • Carries out all allocated tasks efficiently and to the laid down airworthiness and company standards
  • Any additional work as allocated by Shift Manager /LMM
  • Strictly comply with safety procedures while working within the vicinity of the aircraft to protect self andothers and prevent damage to the aircraft and its equipment
  • Being smart and tidy in appearance so reflecting the company image

Skills & Attributes

  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of computer literacy (MS office applications) & AMOS application is preferred

Work Experience

  • Minimum 3 years of work experience as Aircraft Maintenance technician on A320 /B737/B787 family a/c


  • Must have achieved AME certificate /Diploma in B1 or B2 trade
  • Must have undergone Induction Training, Human Factors, SMS, Aircraft Familiarization, FTS training


  • Must be at a level of Sr. Executive (1B) or one level lower 
  • Should have completed minimum tenure of 18 months in the current role and level as on date of release of IJP and must have attained minimum performance rating of GP3 in the last appraisal
  • Must be “confirmed’’ in service




All Vistara employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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